Realtime river water monitoring

Realtime river water monitoring

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Problem statement

Customer is one of the Central Water and Pollution governing bodies. Water Quality monitoring was done using manual human intervention where a random sampling is done all through the river stations. This is impacting the environmental governance as the quality of water metrics is not properly monitoring due to random sampling and age-old techniques. Customer wanted to implement IoT based Realtime water quality monitoring system so that the data is shown and presented in Realtime.


  • Data availability and quality is most important as it can be hampered based on geological and physiological situations.  
  • Actions to be taken when the data is not available  
  • Managing the queue of data from 70+ river body stations.        
  • Finding anomalies in Realtime data using timeseries modelling. 

Technologies used


Antz had partnered with Techspan in developing a Realtime water quality monitoring engine which helped customer review data from 70+ stations using Azure IoT Ecosystem. Provided visualization and time series insights on water nitrate, ammonium, and many other parameters. Created multiple dashboards to help customer understand for an action to be taken.


  • Ability to scale to any number of stations and parameters without any hassle.  
  • Improved customers decision power to find anomalies in real-time. 
  • Predictive monitoring helped customer to plan early for the actions to be taken  
  • Reduced the cost of water quality testing by 20% and provided real-time water monitoring which changed the way customer wants to understand the patterns in data.

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