Migrating SAP BW to Azure Ecosystem

Migrating SAP BW to Azure Ecosystem

Input Sources


Volume of data

200 GB

per day


Power BI

Problem statement

SAP BW is deprecating, so the only option is move to HANA, but mid tiers cannot afford HANA, but want their data to be stored in a cloud base storage and use PBI for reporting.


  • Connecting SAP BW to different file formats for ingestion and ETL techniques for streaming and historical data
  • Designing the pipeline in order not to fail as the incoming file has no schedule but in a time range period. 
  • More than 600 data files and managing the data pipelines with an automated way. 
  • Understand the complexity in designing data models and marts for performance improvements.  
  • Users should have same ease and feel that of SAP

Technologies used


AntzAI helped customer by creating an automated data pipeline management which can manage data ingestion through metadata management. Created a logical data model on top of data lake and pumped the data into Azure SQL DBConnected to PowerBI to export the data for reporting which reduced the cost by 50%


  • Automated data ingestion pipeline management. 
  • Reduced the cost of consumption from $4000 per month to $1800 per month

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